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Harmonious, Like-One and Confident In The Saddle?

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“Riding: The dialogue between two bodies and two souls aimed at establishing perfect harmony between them.” Waldemar Seunig


If you want to become the most balanced, supple and confident version of yourself so you can create the riding partnership of your dreams…

…you are in the right place!


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Rider Fitness
You want to feel more BALANCED, SUPPLE AND CONFIDENT in the saddle
You and your horse want and deserve a HARMONIOUS RIDING PARTNERSHIP!
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Anna Bergenstrahle

MSc Exercise Science, MSc Equine Science

Anna Bergenstrahle, MS Exercise Science, MS Equine Science is passionate about helping riders ‘reset, retrain and transform their bodies so they can live and ride to their fullest potential. In RIDER BODY RESET we accomplish this by helping riders retrain their bodies in a logical and sustainable way that allows their underlying athletic riding potential to shine thru.

I look forward to connecting with you!

How does this call help me?

This is a special 1-on-1 call with me to unpack what is really going on for you in the saddle, what you are struggling with the most and what is getting in the way of the brilliant and magical riding partnership you want so we can (more importantly…) discuss how you want to feel in the saddle instead…and how to get you there!

I look forward to connecting with you.