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As Riders We Communicate With Our Bodies…

…So What Makes More Sense Than To Focus On Becoming A More Balanced, Stable and Confident Rider?


A stiff rider...is not pleasant for any horse, forces the horse to protect his/her back and creates a stiff horse


A crooked, unbalanced rider...is hard to balance for any horse and contributes to creating a crooked, unbalanced horse

Aches & Pains

A painful, defensive rider...is unable to be supple and in-sync with any horse and creates a painful, defensive horse

Anna Bergenstrahle


MSc Exercise Science

MSc Equine Science

My name is Anna Bergenstrahle

I believe in riding partnership and I believe we (as riders) owe our horses to be the most balanced, supple and confident versions of ourselves – 

To this end I help riders find true partnership with their horses by teaching them how to free themselves from stiffness and pain once and for all so they can be balanced, supple and confident in the saddle and feel totally connected to their horses!