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I found Anna's program at a time I knew I needed to work on my crookedness from scoliosis. And being in a bad place with mindset, emotions & my horse. I literally have started over in all aspects of my horse life. Through this program I met Floriane who has helped immensely with my relationship with my mare. And has helped me learn the value of ground work. Between these 2 ladies I have gotten back on my mare
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I rode scared for many years. I improved my body and self talk with Anna’s program. I fired my critical and demeaning trainer. My horse, Kingston, and I went back to really learn the basics. I learned to enjoy what I knew I could do. Now when I think of riding, I don’t feel fear —-I feel joy to get on my horse and play.
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I can hardly believe how great my body feels after lots of time in the saddle this past 3 days, especially since I have hardly ridden all summer due to the neck pain I joined Anna’s program to deal with! Neck and shoulders feel great, and I did take my block for early morning exercises in my trailer . I am so thrilled to be able to report this along with my accomplishments with my horse Whiskey! Thanks, Anna Bergenstrahle
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