Sue P.

If you are irritated by every rub how will your mirror be polished Rumi 1 modified

I’ve gone from: Pain and crookedness in the saddle – and having lost my confidence and the joy in jumping To: Feels comfortable and confident in the saddle and having  a wonderful partnership with my mare! And on top of that: my instructor is thrilled with our progress and partnership! “Life is good!”

Deanna S

deanna round

“I’m an occupational therapist and specialize in myofascial release techniques…so I had a lot of tools … but wasn’t able to help myself into a completely pain free life. But mostly: I wanted to have fun riding and not unbalance my horses! NOW: I am celebrating: no pain! For the first time in YEARS! And: […]


Ellipse 2

“I am just getting started in this program – before I was experiencing upper and lower back pain and extreme difficulty in sitting straight on a horse. Anna’s Program has been most helpful for both problems. I am becoming more and more able to sit straight in the saddle.”

Sue B.

“Today I celebrate…UNSTUCKNESS!! I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but for the past 2 days I’ve been moving and contorting myself to see if the stuck spot in my upper back between my right shoulder blade and spine is still there… but I CAN’T FIND IT!! Instead I’m finding greater range of motion, freedom […]